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Hi guys!!! So I just felt the need to encourage everyone. I know sometimes I get discouraged when things aren't going my way, or aren't going as planned, or when things look like they're not moving. So I just wanted to tell you not to give up. You can definitely do this. You can definitely achieve that goal, pass that test or simply overcome that problem.

I can tell you this for a fact, there is light outside the tunnel and if you allow yourself to see it, there's also light inside the tunnel. Sometimes we just have to appreciate the little victories that come our way, even when there are problems. I've experienced times when things were hard at the time, but I didn't really feel it because I was focused on the good things. Then when I looked back, I realised that on any other day, those challenges would've been overwhelming, but because I was so focused on the good things and the little victories, I didn't feel the weight of the struggles.

So when I say you can do it, I know you can. We've all been through situations that have been painful, stressful and overwhelming, but we're still here. I bet you're not at the same place you were years ago when you most likely had problems and challenges.

I'm most definitely in a different spot compared to where I was about two years ago. And yes, there were times when I felt depressed and times when I felt lost or just plain afraid, hurt and confused. But, I kept remembering that God has my life in his hands and God's thoughts towards me are good. So regardless of how bleak things were looking, I still had hope. No matter the number of times I couldn't control my tears or change the situation, I still smiled and I still found peace in God.

So please, don't kill your hope. Don't give up on that dream or on that plan. The funny thing is everyone's dream is realisable in some form. Just keep at it. My goals in life almost seem impossible, but then I remember that with God all things are possible.

So keep working, keep doing what you're doing. And if you've given up, GET UP!! Move, do what needs to be done and open your eyes to see the good things you've achieved. However little they may seem to you, at some point in time, you didn't have the things you currently have now.

If you believe that things are worse than they were before, look around you and find the simple joys in your life. At the end of the day, things will always get better. While I don't like making promises that I can't keep because I'm not a liar and I never want to be perceived as one. I can promise you that things will definitely get better.

So stand straight, fix your chin up and move forward.

Once again, I love you and most importantly Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit love you.

Esther xoxo



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Here's a random fact about me: I love the colour pink guys! It's the prettiest colour in the whole world and pink blossoms are the prettiest flowers to me.

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