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Hi Guys!!!

So my name is Esther as some of you know. To some I'm Essy, to others I'm Odunayo and annoyingly, to a select few I'm Pinocchio.

So I'm going to be my absolute self on this blog, I'll be vulnerable, open and just me because I believe we can all gain from it.

So for the sake of full disclosure, I never considered starting a blog until I was researching different ways to make more money and I saw that starting a blog was a really good one. I mean, I really want to be able to build and invest so I can set up a legacy for my children etc...

But the reason I finally decided to do this is because sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like I have something to say.

So Let's Talk

So this blog is called "Journey". I'm going to be writing about my journey to Christ, confidence and me. I believe confidence encompasses a lot of things so I'll be writing about my journey to growing confident in not just appearance, but intelligence, faith, my worth and so many other things.

Someone once told me that they loved how confident I was, and I was so shocked because at that point I was really lacking in confidence. I genuinely thought I wasn't attractive, or even someone who could hold a conversation. I used to hide behind my friends during conversations and I used to wear black and the baggiest clothes because I lacked confidence.

I remember there was a Sunday I wore this blue long evening dress to church and I wore a hoodie on top of it the entire time because I thought I was "fat". My friends fully dragged the hoodie off me when we had to dance forward for thanksgiving offering. Guys it's really silly, but most times we're harder on ourselves than we need to be.

I believe that confidence is something we all battle with in different areas of life. I believe that everyone, regardless of their gender, culture, ethnicity, faith etc has struggled with their confidence. From giving a speech, to giving ideas, to approaching that cute someone, to singing out loud, to speaking out, to fighting for yourself or your beliefs.

I believe confidence is a journey, so welcome as we embark on this journey together.

Esther xoxo


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Here's a random fact about me: I love the colour pink guys! It's the prettiest colour in the whole world and pink blossoms are the prettiest flowers to me.

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