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Is this really me?

Hi guys!!! So this week, I thought I'd do something a little different so I asked my friends on social media what their first impressions of me were. So this article will either be debunking their first thoughts or confirming their first impressions.

I guess it's a little more insight into me!!

P.S a few were repeated so I've lumped them into one a few times.

First impressions, true or not?

  1. "Shy": I've said it before and I will say it again, I am a shy person. I don't know why people don't believe me. I'm actually really shy, I get nervous around large crowds and don't really know how to approach people. I just keep pushing myself to move past the feeling of shyness. That's why in public settings, I could get quiet unless I'm surrounded by people that I'm absolutely comfortable around. I also tend to make the first move when I feel like someone needs help, or is shyer than me. Also when it's my own setting and I feel like I have the advantage. But yeah, I'm deffo shy, just getting better and overcoming it,

  2. "Creative": As we can see from this blog, I'm creative. Growing up, I was always singing, drawing, dancing and writing. I used to be part of a few dancing groups (lol I don't know where that talent went). Anyways, I believe that God has given me a creative mind and while I haven't always used it, I'm working on making use of it. I just remembered that in law class in sixth form, I used to come up with gruesome scenarios an people used to wonder where they came from (lol). But yeah, I am creative, I can draw, create songs, sing, write, not sure about dancing anymore and I can also speak well. I think as a lawyer, being creative is actually important because it helps you think outside the box. Anyways, I thank God for the gifts He's given me.

  3. "Great personality": I do have a great personality, if I do say so myself (lol). I'll own it, but it doesn't mean that I don't have my faults. The aim is to keep working to be a better me and to keep listening to the Holy Spirit.

  4. "Such a happy person": I am a happy person. I do get sad moments, but God has been so faithful to me. It's the joy of having the Holy Spirit that keeps me so happy and joyful. I can definitely acknowledge that I've lived a privileged life. I've never lacked a bed to sleep on, or food to eat. God has been super sweet to me, both emotionally, physically and in all areas. So my happiness and joy comes from God. I wouldn't be able to survive this world without God. So yeah, I am super happy and grateful. Gratefulness has a way of keeping you happy because you see the good things that you have. So if you've ever wondered how to be happy, or what makes me so happy, even in the midst of difficulties, I promise you it's God.

  5. "Bubbly and smiley": This is a fact! I'm really bubbly and smiley. I get super excited about little things and I want people to smile. I even dance on the street when I hear really nice music! When I see people I love with a similar energy with mine, we're most likely gonna cause a scene on the street lool .So yeah I'm definitely bubbly and smiley. However, I also know when to be serious and take things seriously. I take my God, family, job, friends and finances seriously. I know when to jump up and down and when to sit and focus. I sometimes wonder how the same person can achieve the things that God has allowed me to achieve. I remember that when I was a child, I used to think people my current age were such adults, but knowing myself now, I'm still a child inside lol.

6. Confident: So this was written with another point, but this was more a description of who the person thinks I am now. If you've read my previous post, you'll know that I've struggled with my confidence for a long time. I have however, gotten a lot more confident. I've gotten to the stage where I've accepted myself. I now see myself in a better light and I'm trying to see myself through the lens of Jesus. But yes, I'm definitely a lot more confident. I now believe that it's either you love me, hate me or don't care about me and either way, I'll remain me. I'm happy with where I am and my progress. I am intelligent, beautiful, kind and a pleasure to be around. God has filled me with a lot of great things and anyone who partakes of that is blessed.

7. "The quiet one": Looooooooooool guys. You know what? Like I've mentioned a few times, there was a point in my life when I was called quiet. Never by my parents lol, but by my friends in secondary school. I was struggling with a few insecurities then and I was always reading novels at that time. I also didn't want my "fresh" accent to shine through so much (that was so silly, I am who I am and there's nothing wrong with sounding the way you do. It's a part of you, just different based on where you are). Anyways, yes I was really quiet at some point and I still get really quiet sometimes. For example in public settings where I don't really know anyone. However, I can honestly tell you that I'm not quiet. I'm really lively and talkative, especially now that I've grown more confident. I just believe that I am who I am by the grace of God and you either accept it or not.

8. "Annoyingly nice, so suspected it": Looool I am a really nice person. However, I believe in being kind instead of nice. Kindness is a fruit of the spirit and it's not as superficial as being nice. A person can be nice and act sweet and follow all the rules of courtesy, but still be unkind. I have a friend who when I first met him, I thought he was rude, but guys, he's one of the kindest people that I've ever met. But yeah guys, I'm both kind and nice, just more kind by the grace of God lol.

9. Unassuming: So I had to check the dictionary for the meaning of this lol. But it means "not pretentious or arrogant, modest". So I'm not gonna lie, I totally agree with this. Although it doesn't sound modest, I don't believe in being pretentious. I don't believe in lifting my shoulders and acting haughty. Neither do I believe in pretending to be someone I'm not. In my opinion, pretending and acting haughty is a waste of time and space. It draws the wrong people to you and creates a negative mindset. I believe that pretentious people don't understand true worth and don't know what's important. At the end of the day if you know your worth and understood that value comes from within, you won't feel the need to be arrogant or pretentious.

10. Cry baby: This was from my mum by the way guys! She's so mean hahaha! What did she expect from a baby please? Apparently, when I was a baby I used to eat all the time. My parents started giving me blended plantain with baby milk when I was 4 months old because breast milk was never enough for me lol. My parents also said that when I was a baby, every time my mum was about to eat I'd start crying so she wouldn't be able to eat, until the day my dad told her to leave me to cry so she could eat hahaha. Never did that again after that, so yeah, maybe I was a cry baby. Am I a cry baby now? Weeellllll..... I still cry over books, movies and tv shows so probably haha.

Thanks for reading guys! This was a fun write up, I just wanted to give you something light and a bit more of myself,

Please remember that I love you and God loves you!!

Esther xoxo


Aug 02, 2021

I think my first impression of you was friendly.


Aug 01, 2021

Thank you so much baby girl💖🤍💖. P.S that's exactly why I approach people standing in a corner or people who look a little secluded. I know exactly how it feels! Really proud of you sis 🤍🤍


Pearl Ada
Pearl Ada
Jul 30, 2021

I am very intuitive, and the very first time I met you, I thought, this girl has a really good heart. You are kind and sweet and so much more Esther...I get the shy thing, people don't believe me too when I say I'm shy.. I just push past it and yeah, I always reach out (first) to people standing off in a corner, or looking like that they don't belong in a place or group....Why? because I know how that feels and I don't want people feeling like that...


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