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I'm proud of you

Hi guys! I hope you're all having a good week. The weekend's here and I'm just happy to be off work for the weekend. Unfortunately, weekends are always short. I personally think we should have a 3-days weekend and a 4-days work week.

So today, I'm not gonna lie, I struugggllleeddddd to think of what to write to you. I couldn't think of what to write. I mean this weak has been hectic, especially since I've been ill this week. I still have the sniffles lol.

I decided to go through my phone camera and just look at a few of the videos I'd made (a lot of them are funny). Anyways, that's when I came across this video I actually made for you guys, but one I didn't post. I thank God for it, because I believe God used it to inspire me to write this to you today.

I am proud of you. Yes, you. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of the growth that I see in you. I'm proud of the milestones that you've made. I'm proud of the challenges that you've overcome and I'm proud of the person that you are. I'm proud of the smiles that you've put on people's faces and I'm proud of the times you failed, but still got up and continued.

So here's something from my heart to you.

I am proud of the times you shed tears and pulled yourself together. I am proud of every moment that you've continued.

You are so much more than you were before and have grown far beyond where you were before. I know you've had some hard and difficult times and I know you've wanted to give up at times. I know you've been hurt and I know you've been disappointed. But you're still here, you're still moving and you're still thinking. You're still fighting and living each day. I am so proud of you.

Everything you've been through, experienced and fought through has brought you to where you are today, You are amazing and you should be proud of yourself.

Don't let the world pull you down. Don't let your own thoughts pull you down. If you haven't heard it before, hear it from me, I am proud of you. So don't give up, don't let go.

Keep standing for what's yours, keep standing for what's right.

But most importantly, I'm proud of who you are yet to become. I'm so excited for your future, for the person you will be. Because this is your building moment. Gold is first refined before it becomes shiny and as valuable as it is. This is your refining moment and I'm excited for you!! You're the only you that has ever been and the only you that will ever be. Continue to own it, continue to work it and continue to enjoy who you are.

Know and understand that you are not too small to make a difference. You are not too small to touch hearts. You are not too small to change the world. Keep pushing and you'll get there. You can do it, I'm very sure of it.

So yes, I'm proud of you . Not just of who you were, or of who you will be, but of who you are now.

You're very much cherished.

Remember, I love you and God loves you.

In case you're curious about the video I'm talking about, here it is:


Esther xoxo

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Israel Kareem
Israel Kareem
Nov 13, 2021

It is the beauty for me


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