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A Christmas Special

Merry Christmas guys!!!!!

I know it's been a while and I promise I haven't given up on or abandoned this blog. I guess I just needed some refreshing, but that's not a topic for today.

Today I'm going with the theme of the season which is *drum roll!!!!!* Christmaaaassss!!!!!!

Now anyone who knows me, knows that Christmas isn't my favourite season. It involves a lot of cooking and in my mind, work. But the one thing I absolutely love about Christmas is the reason for the season.

I really love what Christmas stands for. I love that it's a time to acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ. The beauty of the season is the hope it brings. It's the beginning of the actualisation of our freedom and redemption.

I was reading the Bible this morning and I read this passage where a few of the Israelites had sinned and their leader tore his clothes, pulled out portions of his hair and his beard, and lay prostrate on the ground so he could beg God for forgiveness. I was jarred by the extent he went to show his remorse.

I mean, guys, I've been tryna grow my hair for ages, and thank God it's growing, imagine if I have to pull out my hair every time I sin or fall short of God's mercy. Because believe me, we all fall short on a regular. So how could we possibly make up for our faults and errors and still have a personal relationship with God?

For those who aren't aware, God required blood for the atonement (forgiveness, make up, payment) of sins. So the Israelites had to offer the blood of animals for their sins, and none of them, except for God's specially chosen prophets could enter the inner courts of God's temple or go near Him.

But because of my precious and beautiful Jesus, we all can go into God's inner court. Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice and came as a man, leaving behind His position as God and instead died for us. So that the blood required for the forgiveness of our sins wouldn't need to be the imperfect blood of animals, but instead the precious blood of the most perfect being, Jesus Christ.

So, because of Jesus' birth and sacrifice, we get to have a close and beautiful relationship with God. We get to speak to, feel and hear from God by ourselves. We don't have to go through a prophet, a pastor, or anyone. We have the special privilege by the blood of Jesus Christ, to have a loving relationship with God.

And in case you haven't experienced God before, I want to tell you, that God is the sweetest being ever. He is so tender with me and so loving and kind to me. I get to hear His voice and feel His love. So I am forever grateful for Jesus Christ.

So why do I love Christmas (hahaha I mean the reason for Christmas)? I love it because that's when we recognise the birth of our precious Jesus Christ. It's when we celebrate the fact that the all-powerful Jesus gave up His power, and became vulnerable as a baby so that we could have access to God.

So yes, Christmas reminds me of hope because it was the beginning of Jesus' journey as a man on earth. And what's so beautiful about this, is that we know that it all worked out well. Jesus did it! He accomplished what He came to earth to do! His love for us overrides the pain that He experienced. Sadly, we never deserved it, but it just shows how tender the heart of God is.

I guess I'm writing this because I want y'all to remember that even in difficult times, even if you feel lonely or left behind, there's an all-encompassing love that God has for us. You're never alone if you have Jesus Christ.

If you don't have Jesus Christ or know Him, you only need to ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died for you, then confess it with your heart and mouth. If you struggle to believe, you only need to ask God for the grace to believe in His Son.

It's so simple, yet, we can't believe unless God gives us the grace to believe. So ask God for the grace to believe in Jesus Christ and I promise you, He'll answer.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful Happy New Year everyone!!!

Remember that I love you and most importantly, God loves you more than life itself.





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